The Power of Suggestion

The Power of Suggestion, British Airways / Wavemaker & Ogilvy (Horizon)
UK travellers feel enormous pressure to get trips ‘right’, with nearly half finding the process stressful and so they seek inspiration and social proof to choose their destination.

To achieve BA’s growing revenue targets during the most commercially important month of the year for the whole travel market, we had to provide relevant inspiration and stimulate social proof. We did this by aligning with local, consumer-driven travel conversations to leverage the ‘power of suggestion’.

We developed a world-first algorithm for British Airways, dynamically serving Sale destinations across OOH sites and programmatic display based on local popularity of those destinations as determined by live Google Search data.

We increased campaign cut-through and relevance and drove incremental revenue during the sale. We had no flexibility in terms of assets (fixed since 2017), so had to use our media activation alone to do the heavy lifting to achieve the objectives.

Dynamically-served routes yielded +8% revenue versus last year, whereas fixed-placement route revenue increased by only +1% and revenue from non-advertised routes were down -1%.

“The fact that routes advertised dynamically during Sale did so well clearly shows that this strategy has had a positive influence on commercial results.” Beyza Beyaztasaydin, BA Marketing Lead.