The Times - JFK Unsilenced

The Times - JFK Unsilenced, m/SIX with News UK / The Times & The Sunday Times
In 1963, JFK was silenced. 55 years later, in a world first, we’ve unsilenced him. This AI-created audio content reached over 9 million adults and smashed subscription targets.

Working with the creative agency Rothco, sound engineers pulled 116,777 sound units from 831 of John F Kennedy’s speeches and radio addresses to recreate the final speech which JFK was due to give on the day he was assassinated. We picked the best recordings from Kennedy’s voice and cross-referenced with written text to recreate his final 20-minute Dallas speech using AI.

With limited budget and a busy news environment, creating cut-through was going to be difficult, so we had to be smart with our targeting and execution.

Media Director: Sarah Jopson
Senior Planner/Strategist: Lesley Myers-Lamptey
Creative Agency: Rothco
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Jodie Jenkins