Tommy’s: #TogetherForChange

Tommy’s: #TogetherForChange, Mindshare UK
When a baby is lost, be it through miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth, it is far more than the end of a pregnancy: it’s the loss of milestones, a child already planned for and loved. Yet when it happens, the silence is deafening. Feelings of guilt, superstition, anger and lack of answers kills conversation and leave parents alone and isolated in their grief.

Tommy’s is a charity that raises money to fund research into baby loss. Its goal is to halve the number of babies lost during pregnancy. It also works to improve support for the loss and pain experienced by mothers, and their partners, when a pregnancy ends in tragedy.

To achieve this, Tommy’s wanted to use social media to end the silence around baby loss. Instead of feeling they must suffer alone, they wanted women to feel that they could reach out using Facebook, Instagram and other social channels, tell their stories, and expect support and sympathy in return.