Toyota AYGO: Go Your Own Way

Toyota AYGO: Go Your Own Way, m/SIX with Toyota
Toyota are the 8th biggest car marque in UK. In the ‘supermini’ car segment the Toyota AYGO placed 3rd in 2017, behind the Fiat 500 and Hyundai i10.

AYGO is consistently outspent by Fiat 500, which aligned with fashion to position itself as the ultimate style accessory for a younger audience of first-time car buyers. In a declining car market, AYGO needed to find a way to punch above its weight:

1.Buck declining category
2.Close gap with No.1 Fiat 500
3.Improve AYGO as ‘first choice’ supermini

We identified an opportunity amongst buyers with growing disposable income and progressive attitudes. They adopted brands that gave them more freedom to express themselves and shunned typical ad tropes.
We created ‘Go Your Own Way’, a car campaign, which wouldn’t feel like a car campaign, to standout and connect with an audience that valued difference.
The creative concept of fun and freedom in the everyday cast Drag Queens to embody how people express their personality through their car.

Media Director: Richard Bradley (Media Director), Patrick Williamon (Account Director)
Senior Planner/Strategist: Alex Fennemore (Senior Planner)
Creative Agency: The&Partnership
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Mat Thomas (Brand Communications Toyota GB)