Uncovering the Deep State

Uncovering the Deep State, Reach Solutions for Fox TV and Mindshare UK
The ‘deep state’ is a familiar term among conspiracy theorists in America, however it is relatively unknown in the UK. This presented Fox TV with a challenge when it came to launching their espionage thriller, Deep State. Reach Solutions were tasked with bringing the term to a British audience and promoting the launch of the show. We knew we had to plant the seed in the minds of the UK public before we introduced the show. In a unique collaboration between Reach’s commercial and editorial teams, we launched an investigation into the existence of the deep state in the UK, igniting the debate with our political commentators. During this time, we made some shocking discoveries, including the number of lobbyists met by the government in 2018. Having started the discussion around the deep state, we introduced the show to our readers and began promoting its characters and storylines. The campaign was a resounding success, resulting in a 240% uplift in the search term ‘deep state’, and Fox TV’s biggest series launch since 2015 with over 1 million viewers on its debut episode.