Unleashing the Greatest Racing Spectacle on The Planet - F1 Engineered Insanity

Unleashing the Greatest Racing Spectacle on The Planet - F1 Engineered Insanity, Wavemaker CS
Winner's Story:

With Formula 1 experiencing a decline in sport followers, Wavemaker was tasked with engaging fans. The sport’s key audiences were placed into three groups, focusing on general interest in F1: Yet to Try, Light & Lapsed, Engaged, with these groups then mapped onto a fan journey.

‘Engaged’ fans were those already converted, the ‘Yet to Try’ audience were those with whom a bias towards F1 needed to be built. Sitting in between, the Light & Lapsed fans were coming to the sport when specific triggers occurred, such as breaking stories. To stem the decline in fans, the transition from Light/Lapsed to Engaged was made more seamless by amplifying the triggers, while increasing communication directly to ‘engaged fans’.

Wavemaker CS built a bespoke allocation tool to identify markets with the highest growth potential; this was used alongside comms focusing on increasing conversations by driving buzz around the events and creating opportunities for shared social experiences. This strategy was used in Australia, China, Azerbaijan, Spain, Italy, France, US and Japan when promoting races and fan festivals. Local activations focused on driving excitement in the immediate lead up to the events, using geo targeted social and digital display for example.

Other comms focused on building affinity by drawing fans into F1 brand stories and amplifying news and intrigue; this was primarily used in Germany, alongside a combination of media partnerships, social media and bespoke digital displays.

The campaign increased tickets sales and successfully engaged fans, as well as halting the decline of F1 followers.