Using media to convince a generation of nurses to return to the NHS

Using media to convince a generation of nurses to return to the NHS, NHS and Mumsnet / Mediahub
With the NHS facing a 40,000+ nursing vacancy crisis, we needed to convince an audience we hadn’t spoken to before; lapsed nurses, to return to practice.

Qualitative research uncovered the barriers to this untapped opportunity. We found that aside from practical concerns like childcare and course logistics, what our nurses most feared was not being able to do the job again.

We needed a dual approach, re-invigorating our audience through a trusted media partner and hand-holding them through to application via a CRM programme. We created inspirational films to help reignite our audience’s love for nursing, and then followed up with emotive CRM reminders to nudge them through to application.

The response was unprecedented. In the first day we made national news and gained £2m in earned media value. By day two we had doubled our engagement metrics and outperformed our CRM benchmarks. But most crucially, we saved the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds in recruitment costs, money that can now be spent in other vital areas. This isn’t just a success story, this is a story of survival.