Where you shop matters

Where you shop matters, Visa / The Guardian / Starcom
Christmas is a time for giving, but nowadays it’s about more than rampant consumerism. VISA know #whereyoushopmatters - last Christmas they gave a platform to 100+ merchants nationwide, turning local business owners into stars.

In 2019 they wanted to make an even bigger difference. You can create significant change by inspiring millions of people to take one small action. 4m Guardian readers believe that shopping locally is important. They follow the struggles of the high street closely - our ‘retail industry’ keyword gets 5m views a week. There was no better media owner than the Guardian for VISA to work with to address this issue. But it’s easy to read about shuttered shops and empty premises and feel bad. The problem we had to solve was to turn that sentiment into action and get them to support their local retailer.