Volvo V40 Prime Now Test Drives

Volvo V40 Prime Now Test Drives, Mindshare UK
Historically known for its safety, Volvo needed to stand out against the competition and appeal to a new generation of premium car buyers - looking for design and innovation. Our insights showed that when people actually get inside a V40 they love it, but they’re generally unwilling to visit a showroom.

Volvo is ‘designed around people’ to make lives less complicated. To create a truly original and innovative solution, we brought this brand value to life by delivering cars to people’s homes where they could enjoy a rich, engaging Volvo test-drive experience. Collaborating with Amazon, we created the first ‘Prime Now Test-Drive with Amazon’ in the UK, delivering cars directly to customer’s homes inside 2 hours - achieving 65 pieces of coverage with a combined reach of 394 million. It was the first time ever in the UK that Amazon had done anything like this.

“This campaign not only brought V40 back to the spotlight but also put Volvo on the forefront of the automotive industry - something we aim for as a progressive company. It’s initiatives like this, that will make Volvo a leading force in the future of mobility”.
Mike Johnstone, Volvo UK’s Marketing Strategy Director