Walkers Restage

Walkers Restage, PepsiCo Walkers / OMD UK
We wanted to put Walkers Crisps back at the heart of British culture. We were category leader and well loved. However our shift to short term sales promotions, coupled with the squeeze on the grocery middle, had eroded our brand fundamentals. Walkers had become famous by making the nation laugh, with the irresistibility of crisps and Gary Lineker at the helm. Big emotion. Big pop culture moments.

Our Strategy was simple but ambitious: to bring enjoyment to the nation focused on Walkers’ irresistibility, by creating a new pop culture moment and getting all Brits seeing it and talking about it. We found the cultural hot topic that all brits were talking about: The Spice Girls reunion tour, and we went out to search for the Spice Girls #besteverfan.