Winning Brand Affinity for The Telegraph

Winning Brand Affinity for The Telegraph, Fetch Media / Telegraph Media Group
The Telegraph and their agency, Fetch, recognised that their traditional print audience (Male/55+/Affluent) was in natural decline. In addition, younger audiences consume their news on mobile and quickly disregarding anything uninteresting or dated. The challenge, therefore, was how to make the brand relevant to a younger mobile-first audience.

The proprietary ‘Feed-Me’ platform brought audience data and editorial expertise together in a way never seen before. Analysing editorial headlines and trending stories and matching these with user interest data in real-time, to deliver a personalised native in-feed ad, linked directly to The Telegraph story.

Feed-Me creates highly personalised, timely ads from a publisher’s existing content. This massively increases relevance to the consumer, whilst also reflecting a complementary worldview from the newsbrand, thereby driving increased brand affinity.

“Fetch have transformed our approach to digital and mobile-first content consumption, by enabling data-driving insights to create bespoke but relevant content for a young audience, delivering 3m more youthful and engaged readers”.

Stacey Lawrence, Marketing Director, Editorial and Product, Telegraph Media Group

Media Director: Ankita Bhargava
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Stacey Lawrence