Alibi Escape Room

UKTV Alibi Channel

Agency: UKTV

An innocuous London warehouse became the scene of a vicious crime and a beguiling mystery, as Alibi transformed the space into an innovative escape room, where Instagram influencers and the public were challenged to solve a case.

Four influencers, whose profiles and following matched Alibi’s key demographic, were invited to share their experiences from the experiential with their substantial combined following; this London-based event was then able to break out of the capital and be enjoyed across the country by their engaged followers.

Hundreds of crime drama fans also attended the event - Alibi worked with the Sky VIP team to offer a unique experience - and it was a roaring success, both on social media and in person.

This innovative experiential event and the use of influencers’ content was a perfect strategic union to showcase upcoming titles on Alibi, as well as further ratify the channel as the home of crime drama.