Bringing Paramount+ to London's West End

Wavemaker UK

Client: Paramount+

There was nothing discreet about the launch of Paramount+ in the UK. Whilst our media and advertising would help explain the proposition, we turned to experiential to bring to life our ‘Mountain of Entertainment’ brand promise.

At the end of June, we brought a Mountain of Entertainment to major iconic London locations all across the West End. Led by Paramount’s in house team, supported by Premier PR and Wavemaker, the experiential activation had it all. Projections, Piccadilly takeovers, Pop-ups and a star-studded party. Through social media, talent, influencer and PR coverage we extended the reach to all those who couldn’t be there in person.

Paramount+ arrived in style, making one hell of a first impression. We delivered unforgettable entertaining experiences that no other brand could.