Locked In Season 3

Cowshed Collective

Client: Footasylum

Have you seen a reality TV show made for social media? Probably not. So, we made one for our client Footasylum. Taking inspiration from Big Brother and Love Island, while also incorporating our favourite elements of branded content, we brought a full fledged reality TV show to Footasylum's YouTube channel for 3 seasons (and a 4th confirmed). Say hello to Locked In. The name speaks for itself, we quite literally locked 10 creators into a house for 2 weeks with zero access to the internet. We hand selected creators who we knew would embody the Footasylum brand and their Gen Z audience. We built and curated an interview storeroom that incorporated Footasylum elements and products. We even released daily episodes just like any continuous reality TV show. Who says you can't turn branded content into pure unfiltered entertainment?