EE Last Player Standing


Client: EE

People tend only to notice broadband when it goes wrong and as a result, common emotions are frustration and disappointment. So how do you get people to care about a service which is invisible when it works, and is mainly considered (negatively) when it goes wrong? 

How do you create premiumisation in a commoditised market and for a derived need? For a product where speed – far from being a differentiator – is considered an entry level benefit, and just isn’t creating any real market difference? 

By setting your product against the most demanding people in the market possible. Those who demand speed, performance and are willing to pay for it. 

EE created a gaming tournament to put their new ‘Full Fibre’ broadband to the test like never before. Not only did it stand the heat, it coped with 50 of the most demanding gamers – all in one place.