Enough - Violence Against Women & Girls

MG OMD and Wavemaker

Client: The Home Office

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is endemic in the UK, with a

massive 75% of women having experienced violence or harassment and

80% of girls saying sexual assault is commonplace. Most campaigns tackling VAWG have focused on fostering vigilance amongst potential victims – but clearly this is not enough.

The sheer scale of the issue has meant that society has become desensitised to it. It’s a vicious cycle fuelled by complacency, silence, and the myth that many VAWG behaviours are not that serious. Bystanders intervene in fewer than 10% of incidents; just one third of women who’ve been harassed report it to the police; and around 40% of young men struggle to identify some types of sexual harassment.

Our campaign, therefore, needed to educate on the breadth of VAWG behaviours, the harmful impact they can have on victims, the role bystanders can play to help safely, and that taking action is important.