Entertaining the nation with Gio, Wynne and Gino


Agency: Hearts & Science

Our Survey Says helped GoCompare overcome the brand preference challenge their highly recognisable but marmite brand mascot creates by using the unique relationship between Gio and Wynne Evans – the man behind the moustache – to entertain the nation. We made the UK’s first ever audience participation gameshow ads featuring Gino D’Acampo hosting Gio and Wynne Evans, competing against “each other” and “their families” in four special versions of Family Fortunes. The contextual ads used the Family Fortnues set up, theme music and its trademark light humour. In combination with this GoCompare sponsored Family Fortunes through Q3 & Q4 2021, using idents that showed Wynne & Gio out and about, posing Family Fortunes survey questions and building on the humour of the contextual spots.

57% of viewers said the partnership showed a sense of humour and 94% of people liked it. Crucially, 79% of viewers did not find the activity annoying – in line with brand tracking norms for all UK advertising – and 37% of those who had viewed said they were more likely to GoCompare as a result.

Link to advert here: https://vimeo.com/670711669