Finecast for Isuzu


Agency: Finecast UK, Mediacom North

Finecast is a leading addressable TV company that enables advertisers to precision target audiences in on-demand, linear and live streaming TV environments. Using Finecast’s proprietary audience planner, brands can leverage advanced household targeting and optimisation capabilities to reach viewers on the big screen whilst helping advertisers address hard-to-reach TV viewers through a single access point, with standardised and independent measurement. Using best-in-class data Finecast can create bespoke audience profiles, enabling brands to directly target a specific audience. The solution can optimise a campaign by ensuring brands reach this target audience with the right frequency and distribution, across multiple broadcasters to help drive measurable business outcomes for advertisers

Commercial vehicle manufacturer Isuzu wanted to address several challenges and turned to Finecast and its precision targeting capabilities to overcome them. Looking to target a mass audience with a constrained budget while standing out in a crowded market, Isuzu was keen for an approach that would optimise spend and opportunities to engage its target audience. As a result of the campaign, 74% of the audience were more likely to consider purchasing, and, having seen the ad, 59% searched for further information to drive their purchasing decisions.