Client: O2

Agency: Client: O2

Priority is one of the UK’s most iconic rewards platforms, but following a repositioning in 2019 and the lockdown in early 2020, it needed a new approach. Our task was to reengage audiences with O2’s exclusive, invite-only moments for customers, with a campaign that would drive hype and increase the number of people downloading and using the app.

So we created ‘Go’—a unique, experience-led campaign offering invite-only moments to O2 customers. Our aim was to inspire them to get off their sofas and explore the world around them— a literal translation of O2’s brand ethos to help customers feel more alive.

The 4 week campaign saw us negotiate partnerships with fame-driving brands to deliver COVID safe, invite-only moments for Priority Customers centered around four themed headline activations.

Go Explore saw us host an exclusive session with a National Geographic film maker, Go Dine featured an exclusive Guinness-themed BBQ experience, Go Green saw a living billboard installed in Shoreditch complete with take-home-and-plant wildflower seed paper and finally, Go Spontaneous took the form of a live-streamed sober rave with iconic DJ Joe Goddard.