In Loving Memory

Co-op Funeralcare

Agency: Reach Solutions with Carat and The Story Lab

In Loving Memory was a collaborative campaign between Co-op, Reach Plc, Carat and The Story Lab which aimed to support and commemorate loved ones who were lost during lockdown.As champions of the community these brands came together to create a campaign that provided important support, guidance and clarity, and presented a beautiful and unique way to say goodbye to lost loved ones.

The partnership ran bespoke tributes across Reach's national, regional and local titles, with journalists working closely with family members to create tailored and detailed stories of loved ones to be shared with their local community, evolving the standard obituary and creating something for families to hold dear, keep and cherish. This campaign has given over 90 families across the UK the opportunity to pay tribute to their loved ones which would not necessarily have been possible otherwise.