J3 and Johnson & Johnson - Trailblazers in Consumer Healthcare


J3 is the dedicated business unit within UM, established to service the Johnson & Johnson account. In 2022 as we faced into increased economic headwinds and uncertainty, J3 and J&J created a shared agenda to ‘Trailblaze in Consumer Healthcare’ through media, focusing on four key areas. 1. Develop deeper, more purposeful connections with Consumers and Customers. 2. Improve ROI through new tracking and measurement techniques. 3. Drive sustainable growth, whilst reducing emissions in our media. 4. Over commit to reaching underrepresented communities by supporting minority owned platforms and publishers. We achieved our goals through innovative products and services ranging from new consumer experience maps to deliver seamless connections, predictive analytics to optimise media and creative messaging, embedding retail strategy and activation skills within the core media team, new creative platforms and ideas, as well as content and media partnerships to support minority owned publishers and platforms. Whilst we over delivered against our targets, none of this was achieved at the expense of our unique and special J3 culture. We continued to support our people to thrive and create industry leading work to positively impact the J&J business and wider society.