Just So You Know

Amazon Prime Video UK

Agency: Social Chain

How do you create a “think big” social campaign for the young LGBTQ+ community without speaking for them? Give them the stage.

3 out of 4 LGBTQ+ individuals say TikTok is where they can express themselves. To celebrate the second season of Modern Love for Amazon Prime Video UK, Social Chain produced the streaming giant’s first TikTok Original Series. Six beloved LGBTQ+ TikTok creators were chosen for the captivating story they had to tell, their artistic talent, and devoted audiences.

Social Chain conceptualised and produced the six-part short-form series, but handed over the reins of writing, directing and composition to three outstanding LGBTQ+ contributors to the creative arts. What resulted was a new form of two-way entertainment by and for a community whose own love stories have too long been in the shadows.

Inclusive in concept and execution, Just So You Know regaled millions with the next age of Modern Love tales, through a series of six stunning letters performed - to mothers, to drag, and to oneself - overtop footage of that creator’s chosen art form.

It over-delivered on its return and performance, but importantly allowed diverse, young talent to stamp their mark on the New York Times’ iconic 17-year-old medium.