Kwik Fit in the Driving Seat for Forza Partnership

Yahoo and EssenceMediacom

Client: Kwik Fit

Entering 2022, Kwik Fit established that they had an issue with brand awareness among a Millennial audience and were struggling to gain the attention of this audience due to cluttered newsfeeds and passive digital channels. As a result, one of their core challenges for the brand was to drive awareness of Kwik Fit’s new subscription service and help drive brand awareness and affinity among a new growth audience.

With attention being a key challenge and given the high affinity of our TA with gaming, Xbox provided the perfect solution to capture the 2.3M Kwik Fit audience on platform. Played on the biggest screen in the home, with controller in hand - the Xbox platform put Kwik Fit in the driver’s seat. The campaign was supercharged by partnering with the recently launched racing title: Forza Horizon 5. Overall, we experienced a +10%pts lift in spontaneous awareness (first mentions) and +17%pts lift in spontaneous awareness (total mentions). Plus, in total +10M players globally were gifted the Kwik Fit in-game livery during the campaign!