Living the Sims Life

Electronic Arts

In 2020, The Sims brand turned 20 years old, with the latest iteration - The Sims 4 having been out for 6 years. Over the years, the brand has captured the imagination of an entire generation.

With a whole new generation of gamer coming to the fore we needed to bridge the gap. Gen Z presents a unique challenge in that they do not engage with traditional media. It was important to communicate in an authentic way that captured the hearts and minds of our target audience. In Wattpad, we found the perfect partner to match EA�s zest for storytelling�

Wattpad is the world's largest online storytelling platform. Users contribute to the community, submitting their own stories and reviewing those submitted by others. At its core, Wattpad provides users with an opportunity to live out their wildest dreams, just as they would in The Sims.

We partnered Wattpad, taking Gen Z on a journey to create something that was out of this world.