Lumo Trains 2022 Brand Launch

EssenceMediacom Scotland

Client: Lumo Trains

How Lumo saved over 100 tonnes of carbon by switching frequent air travellers to electric rail travel instead. AND packed out their trains in the process!

Lumo are a new type of train – launched in April 2022 with sustainability at the heart of everything they do, they needed to show that travelling sustainably could also be more affordable, comfortable, and convenient.

They are a new alternative seeking to disrupt legacy brands and legacy travel behaviours but had to be creative to catch the eye to rattle the status quo. But how do you interrupt someone’s inertia when they are at their most inert? (and time poor) By using data, a tiny window of perfectly timed opportunity, and digital out of home to create the perfect storm of disruption to shake up the airlines and jolt people out of their unsustainable habits.