Making Laout a reality with That Peter Crouch Podcast Partnership

Craft Media London

Client: Brewdog

This is a paper about how Craft and BrewDog were able to leverage an existing groundswell of interest in a media property with an engaged audience base, and turn it into a fully integrated partnership. We knew that concocting ‘Laout’ (a drink of half lager and half stout) had been a topic of frequent discussion on That Peter Crouch Podcast (TPCP), so much so that Crouchy and his co-hosts would often react and share images online of their listeners attempts. One of BrewDog’s superpowers is to partner with brands to make new products a reality, and fast.

When we found out Crouchy was leaving the BBC to join Acast, this was our moment to make Brewdog an integral partner for the new series, by making Laout a reality. Over 4 months we leveraged Crouchy’s enthusiasm and the engagement of the podcast’s fanbase to co-create a beer, a marketing campaign, a can design and a campaign jingle. As the results show, the power of true partnership isn't about badging, it's about understanding when a brand's abilities and the energy of a media property, celebrity and its fanbase can come together seamlessly and brew up something special together. ‘Let’s drink Laout’!