No Stopping (The Real) you


Client: The AA

Amongst the younger 24-44-year-old audience, the perception of The AA was stalling. Our challenge was to create an emotional connection and reposition The AA as a more relatable and relevant driving brand amongst this audience on their path to eventually becoming a member of The AA.

We identified that the car represented a safe space where drivers could drop pretences and pleasantries and let go and become their real, authentic, weird, inner selves. In your car, there is “No Stopping the Real You.”

We combined this safe space with another for our audience: social media. A space where they shared their real inner weird selves and spent at least 10% of their day. Using social listening, we identified the most common, and most relatable, in-car behaviours shared by our audience, and celebrated these as ‘tribes’ by creating a range of social short films, produced by The Outfit. We activated this idea across Meta Platforms, YouTube, and a partnership with LADbible, which invited user-generated content submissions via CONTENTbible. With Brainlabs, we retargeted viewers to convert engagement into path-to-purchase action. Our campaign helped reverse the breakdown in brand perception amongst younger drivers and unlocked new audiences for The AA.