O2 Roam Freely

Havas Media Group

Client: O2

As foreign travel shot up people’s agenda in 2022, O2 launched their most customer centric proposition in recent years, offering O2 customers free EU roaming. Despite universal appeal, awareness of O2’s free roaming was low, and we’d missed the summer holiday booking window, so we needed a campaign that would accelerate awareness and fast. With a strategy of “Skyrocket Relevance” we set about delivering a high reach campaign that doubled-down on travel contexts so to encourage people to Roam Free – even creating a telco media first with an exclusive O2 Airport Lounge at Gatwick and with an exclusive Love Island partnership at its heart. The campaign was unmissable and resulted in 74% uplift in O2 customers using roaming data (vs 2019) a +28% increase in purchase intent and O2’s highest consideration levels in years.