O2 vs. CO2


Agency: Havas Media Ltd.

Climate change is destroying the planet we live on. Every human has a responsibility to make greener choices but corporations can make meaningful differences at scale. O2 has pledged to be net carbon zero by 2025 and in the year of COP 26 there was a never a better time to demonstrate this commitment. ‘Greenwashing’ is prevalent, and actions speak louder than words so we delivered out greenest ever media plan! Collaborating with brand partners our media plan was not only carbon neutral, but actually converted carbon into oxygen. This is a battle on a global scale and O2 is ready to fight, it’s O2 vs CO2. Our disruptive and innovation driven campaign not only raised awareness of the issue, it reduced carbon, smashed brand tracking metrics and delivered a positive ROI. We proved that green plans can be profitable.