One Step Recipe Shopping

Hearts & Science

Client: Ocado

The pandemic created huge shifts in online shopping, and Ocado faced the challenge of keeping their new customers and maintaining growth whilst being outspent by competitors.

Our solution was borne out of 3 key trends we believed would persist as the UK came out of lockdown – home cooking, shopping convenience and QR code adoption.

We knew we could capitalise on the inspiration and convenience of the Ocado shopping experience by using QR codes to short-cut the list of recipe ingredients and dropping them directly into consumers’ Ocado shopping baskets.

Partnering with The Guardian, we incorporated shoppable QR codes onto every recipe in Feast magazine - a UK publishing first. Across a year, Ocado owned 100% of the print and digital advertising inventory for Feast magazine, featuring 15 new recipes from The Guardian’s star chefs every week. We replicated all the original online content from Feast on, as well as creating the award-winning podcast ‘Comfort Eating’ with Grace Dent.

Reaching over 14m consumers to date, with 89% of visits from non-Ocado customers. 79% of people who engaged with the campaign planned to shop with Ocado, with 66% of offline shoppers saying they planned to try for the first time.