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Client: Bupa UK

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, women’s mental health has seen a huge decline, and so in 2021, Bupa commissioned a research study to understand the realities of mental health stressors. The research revealed the detrimental impact of social media on women’s mental health, uncovering the reality that women are being held to unattainable standards of perfection, because social media encourages people to make life look perfect.

#PowerfulRealStories is a digital campaign designed to help combat the unrealistic expectations that social media creates. Featuring two powerful films that highlight the unrealistic expectations of social media and the feelings of inadequacy that “filtered” social media creates,the campaign encourages people to share their real stories to normalise seeking support. #PowerfulRealStories became Bupa UK’s most successful online campaign. The films saw the highest engagement for Bupa, with over 17.5 million completed views. The campaign was moved above the line. This drove significant awareness to signpost the mental health support available from Bupa for people with or without health insurance. Over 45,000 people visited the campaign landing page, gaining access to the free support available to take the first important step to improve their mental health.