Pride 365

GSK (Voltarol, Sensodyne)

Agency: Spark Foundry / PlatformGSK

Last year GSK secured a Top 10 position in Stonewall's Equality Index. A proud achievement, yet the LGBTQ community have been burnt by brands before. While many show up for Pride they quickly disappear after the flags come down. 'Pink washing' has become a dangerous trait in advertising.

Partnering with the Gay Times, we created Pride 365, a long-term campaign committed to proving GSK�s commitment to LGBTQ rights and representation.

With Voltarol, the collaboration with Gay Times modernised the existing emotive territory �The Joy of Movement�. A video series was created showcasing LGBTQ boxing, cycling and rowing. Not only did this help to encourage people to take steps to connect with others through movement, it also helped break down stereotypes.

With Sensodyne, we adapted Sensodyne's iconic 'Ice Cream Faces' creative to deliver a progressive update to an iconic campaign. By replacing the original with LGBTQ talent, we ensured the community was proudly and fairly represented.

People who saw the Sensodyne campaign were 12% more likely to try it, while 19% of people were ready to use Voltarol.

Based on the success of the campaign, and GSK long-term commitment, we've now agreed a multi-year partnership with the Gay Times.