Pringles pops open a whole new world of unexpected gamer connections

Kellogg's | Pringles

Agency: Dentsu London Limited - Carat

Pringles are for Christmas, right? But people snack when gaming! How do you make Pringles part of everyday gaming? You do it with an Undead Flesh-Eating Cowboy Zombie called Frank! This is how we placed Pringles at the heart of gamers’ lives. And they loved it, with an equivalent of over 65 years spent with Frank across a variety of platforms.

This is a story of how powered-up collaboration brought to life a misanthrope Zombie Cowboy that would help us reach the unreachable, engage the unwilling and convince the doubters. Gamers can be tricky folk - but Frank made them sit up, take notice, and ultimately eat 8% more Pringles.