Pure Planet

Agency: Goodstuff

Pure Planet, a new 100% green energy supplier, needed to make headroom in an overly saturated marketplace by acquiring customers at scale. To do this, we had to come up with a data and media innovation that could beat the 'big six.'

Our idea was to move faster than them by preparing for a cookie-free world. Introducing QUARTZ, a new AI-powered tool capable of ingesting thousands of unique data points and overlaying them against every postcode nationwide for machine learnt decisioning on targeting and optimisation, named after the Quartz watch for its accuracy , powered by five cookie-free data sources.

This data was overlaid across all 1.7m UK postcodes for us to identify and target those most likely to switch their energy to Pure Planet and ad served across 700 different environments, including premium publishers such as The Guardian, Express, Metro, and The Telegraph. Our six month campaign delivered Pure Planet's highest ever customer growth for the lowest ever cost per acquisition (CPA), increasing their customer base by 4%.