Real People, Real Stories Phase Three – Identifying the Rural Areas with Men Most at Risk of Suicide


Client: Samaritans

Goodstuff and 59A unified 13,383,965 unique data points across 20 years, to identify the complex signals around suicide more precisely, which helped to motivate men in rural areas, who are at risk of suicide, to seek help.

Men are less likely to reach out for support in rural areas compared to urban areas. So, to find the rural areas with men most at risk of suicide, and understand the nuances between audiences, Goodstuff partnered with 59A, and together analysed over 13.3m data points, eight unique data sources, and suicide data, spanning 20 years.

The custom algorithm significantly enhanced the precision of our media planning and buying across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and offline channels such as radio, by elevating campaign efficiency through more effective targeting