Real-time econometric creative decisioning


Agency: UM

This has been a particularly challenging time for the Anti Diarrhoea (AD) category. Lockdowns have resulted in millions suddenly changing their food consumption habits, travel plans & finding other ways to manage their conditions. Being at home where conditions are more manageable, ultimately caused a fall in sales for Imodium. As COVID measures were lifted we expected more incidents to be reported and we needed to re-engage with lapsed buyers, at a time when the data triggers of food, travel and stress were increasing and decreasing rapidly in response to everchanging lockdown messaging.

In a global media first, we created a new real time econometric creative decisioning tool that fused Imodium-owned data with external real-time data sets. The new tool, Compass Connect, would use econometrics to predict with a high degree of probability how the category would shift and what level of investment should be spent on each creative.

Compass Connect has been a huge success, correctly adjusting live campaigns, by activating against the right data signals, with the right creative message, to capture the attention of lapsed category buyers, resulting in significant growth and ROI for Imodium.