Samsung, Life Unstoppable

Client: Samsung

Agency: Smyle

In 2020, when everyone was using webinars, Samsung and Smyle delivered the first-ever use of gaming platform, Unreal Engine, to host the immersive, live digital ‘Life Unstoppable’ experience for +5000 press and partners.

Combining experiential thinking with a human-centric design philosophy, Smyle delivered an interactive digital hub; ‘Samsung House’. In this hyper-realistic 3D world – created using innovative gaming techniques, 8D audio, AR integration, ray tracing and pixel streaming – participants interacted with the latest Samsung advancements in mobile, wearables, TV, audio and home appliances.

Real-life presenters appeared on TVs, tablets and phones demonstrating Samsung innovations. True to the event’s gaming ethos, participants could self-discover and exploring specific products, personlising their journey.

The live experience was enhanced with a opening performance from slam poet Max Wallis, sharing the Life Unstoppable story of consumer innovation in response to the global pandemic. And, collectable comics, hidden around Samsung House. If all five were found, users unlocked an out-of-this-world superhero comic experience - adding a further layer of gamification.

Post-event, Samsung House transformed into an on-demand experience for ongoing personlised partner sessions to further build relationships and drive sales.

Life Unstoppable marked a paradigm shift for digital product launches, exceeding all KPIs and delivering extensive positive media coverage and social reach.

“Samsung is driven by innovation, not just in our products but in everything we do. This bold, new virtual experience allows people to see and interact with our products in the most immersive way.”

Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Europe