Snapchat AR Try-on

Agency: Snapchat

Snapchat has offered shoppable AR since 2018. The pandemic fundamentally changed the way that businesses could reach their customers and accelerated demand from advertisers for e-commerce and innovative ad experiences.

We continue to invest and in 2020 introduced new format enhancements, try-on capabilities and development tools. We put customer experience at the heart of our product development; bringing full 3D models of products to customers through lenses, and then enabling them to �try-on� the product on their face or body, while providing product information on screen together with a seamless checkout experience.

This shows product innovation in three areas � machine learning, providing a realistic shopping experience involving multiple products, and converting this experience into purchase, enabling Snapchat to demonstrate proof of return on ad spend.

Hundreds of advertisers including Gucci and Essie have already used the product in their campaigns. Gucci launched the first global sponsored AR Try-on lenses for shoes, reaching 18.9 million users, and Essie's UK AR Try-on lens was used by 2 million Snapchatters.