Social Housing


Agency: Yonder Media

The COVID pandemic laid bare many injustices and challenged us all to envisage a better future. But as regenerative initiatives in education and the environment took centre stage, the housing emergency was in danger of being brushed aside.

In this context, Shelter tasked Yonder with developing a campaign to galvanise public support and press the government to increase investment in social housing. If not now, when?

Yonder�s campaign was based on leveraging an increased emphasis on compassion and selflessness to create a groundswell of support for Shelter�s social housing vision. What they developed wasn�t a traditional media campaign, but something between guerrilla marketing, public relations and a social justice movement.

Working with national titles, Yonder monitored trending stories and ensured Shelter�s ads appeared next to any content on government policy or the coronavirus recovery. This was coupled with a national outdoor campaign, using both geo-specific creative and flyposting sites to root the message in local communities.

Having stimulated interest, supporters were funnelled via social media to a petition on Shelter�s website. To date, this has achieved over 100,000 signatures, with YouGov and social listening tools indicating a significant uplift in belief for Shelter�s cause and conversation around social housing.