Sunday Night Switch Off

eve sleep

Agency: Goodstuff with Channel 4

Sunday is statistically our worst day of the week for getting a good night's sleep, and, unfortunately, media is part of the problem; blue light from screens interrupt the body's release of the sleep hormone melatonin, so screen time at night can trick the brain into staying awake.

To stand out by standing for sleep wellness, we partnered with Channel 4 (C4) and Creature to create Sunday Night Switch Off, a strategy to nudge the nation into bed with eve Sleep by helping them to sleep on Sunday nights, launched around World Sleep Day with two sleep-inducing ad break takeovers and continuing with a long-term commitment to help C4 viewers to 'switch off' every Sunday night. By moving our entire media budget to Sunday nights only, we've significantly increased our category share of voice (CSOV) on TV and delivered record-breaking sales growth despite forecast double-digit market decline.