Tackling travel clichés with TikTok


Agency: Merkle

Our entry is a brand campaign that Merkle and Hilton worked on with TikTok, this was Hilton’s first paid media campaign on the platform in the UK and it was also a hotel industry first. The campaign was planned and delivered end to end by Merkle, Hilton, TikTok and TikTok’s creator agency partner, Influencer. It included an extensive insight and research stage to ensure we went in to planning and creative ideation with as much research as possible. It also included creative strategy and concepting, creative production and post-production lead by Merkle, and execution, evaluation and reporting managed by Merkle Social & TiKTok.Our mission was simple, our research identified that as the travel industry was recovering from the aftermath of Covid, this had led to most travel campaigns looking and feeling the same, pushing similar messages and content. We set out to create something different. We set out to celebrate and acknowledged the return of travel using an optimistic and humorous tone, meaning we stuck out from the crowd by creating something that creatively felt native to the TikTok platform and set us apart from competitors.