Sticking two fingers up at tampon discomfort

Tampax, Ladbible and TikTok

Agency: PG One/ Starcom

Trailblazing female social publisher Tyla [part of LADbible Group] were enlisted by Tampax to help ease young people’s tampon fears and bust common tampon myths that put young people off using them.

With our in-house Data, Intelligence and Planning team, we learnt 59% of Tyla’s audience struggled using tampons – despite the enclosed instructions. 39% admitted to not reading the instructions at all. And of those that did, only 3% found them reassuring.

We had to rewrite the small-print. With comforting advice and playful illustrations, we created an accessible social campaign and printed a new, less ‘flat-pack’ instruction manual that made tampons relevant again. Working with audience favourite Scarlett Moffatt, we showed her journey to transform the Tampax instruction manual using social video – taking the instructions from science textbook to more of a relatable comic strip young people would actually want to read.

And it worked.

Across the month, the campaign reached five million people with +40,000 engagements. 70% of people who saw our campaign said they felt more positive about Tampax as a result, and 55% now agreed that Tampax are easy to use. Almost a third even said they had bought or were planning to buy Tampax after watching.