The Funday Times

News UK & Google

Agency: OMD UK

News UK's partnership with Google (£400k net) delivered on creativity and generated a mass of industry buzz. From a creative standpoint, the campaign was very exciting: we pitched to bring back four Funday Times special editions to encourage families to get out and discover their summer, with help from a range of free Google features (including Google Lens, Google View in 3D and so on). The campaign package also included Times Instagram, Virgin and Times Radio, social support working with The Fifth, in-store promotion and Times display to generate further awareness of each Funday Times issue. It was a campaign which really tapped into all elements of the News UK portfolio. Incredibly, almost all readers (99%) took action following reading the ‘Funday Times’, mostly completing activities (45%) or downloading the app (40%), again indicating the strength of the campaign, this time in prompting real action.