The Golden Hours

Yorkshire Tea

Agency: Goodstuff

Yorkshire Gold is Yorkshire Tea’s finest blend. But it’s difficult to position a product as premium when your core brand is already widely recognised for properness; a trait that goes hand-in-hand with quality. Elevating Yorkshire Gold, communicating its premium credentials and encouraging consumers to share in our belief that it is worth paying more for – without doing a disservice to Yorkshire Tea - was the task at hand when it came to this campaign. With a smart strategy, rooted in human insight and consumer rhythms, we made Yorkshire Gold unmissable when consumers were ready for their afternoon tea break. Our campaign was built around the simplicity of afternoon targeting and the synergy of positioning our dazzling new creative at a Golden Hour that is so synonymous with British tea drinking. We succeeded in translating a premium product and a premium creative into an equally premium strategy. We smashed through business sales targets with a media execution that was as dazzling as the all-gold box it’s packaged in.