The Ozone Project

Agency: Ozone

Throughout 2021, when every media channel has been focused on returning to a positive footing, Ozone's commercial team has shown exceptional industry leadership and delivered unprecedented, high growth results:

- Drove strategic conversations on major topics impacting our customers such as third-party cookie, privacy and transparency challenges - Demonstrated commercial leadership through a proposition centred on ad investment principles, first party data, customer service and great products - Innovated with our customers to build content sentiment tools, our Ozone Ad Manager insights platform, Ozone Outcomes and our suite of Connect products - Focused on insights and measurement putting our exclusive, cross-publisher first-party data at the heart of everything, while also launching the Ozone Attention Index and running 164 different brand studies - Positively reacted to customer needs through the continuing pandemic with ongoing insights, bespoke products and scaled response solutions - Doubled our team virtually during lockdown, opened our first regional office, and actioned steps to improve the inclusion balance across the team

And while commercial results aren’t the only measure of success, they are worth shouting about. Revenue was up +75% year-on-year (up 6x across a two year period) while we saw a +70% growth in advertiser count (to 250+) during the same period.