The Return of the Swedish Style Balls


Agency: Initiative

In 2020 Quorn relaunched their Swedish Style Balls. The balls had been removed from supermarket shelves a year earlier, causing uproar amongst superfans. We had to find a way to take their passion for our balls, and use media to multiply it on a national scale.

Those superfans were very vocal and, combined, they had a huge social following. They created petitions, dominated veggie forums, and flooded our social posts with questions about our balls. The angrier they got, the bigger our earned reach became.

We had a lightBALLb moment.

We had to turn outrage on social media into an asset in supermarkets.

We hatched a ballsy plan to turn our mutineers into marketeers.

We 'leaked' a potential relaunch, tagged the angriest fans, and then kept them guessing to spread the rumour. We demanded the closure of the forum threads and 'accidentally' released footage from the factory.

Outrage peaked. We pulled the rug, and launched a nationwide campaign announcing the return of our balls and our new Quorn Balls Finder app.

900 outraged superfans drove 700,000 earned conversations, with 10m people seeing our relaunch campaign, and our balls outselling the competition 2:1 for first two weeks of relaunch.