The World's Most Inappropriate Tagline


Agency: Mindshare UK

It's finger-lickin good! had worked as a highly effective and memorable tagline for KFC for over 64 years, but it wasn't going to work in 2020. In response to Covid-19, KFC decided to temporarily suspend its slogan on all global advertising.

Given the fame of the KFC tagline, this was actually news. Not as big news as Brexit or Covid, perhaps, but certainly newsworthy, and a story with the potential to raise a smile in a time of crisis. So we decided to give our story the full-on news treatment: big public announcement for social proofing, engagement through multiple touchpoints, and all tied in through social and PR.

We pioneered a total social take-over, reaching over 34.2M people within 48 hours. And on top of that early impact, our long-tail strategy ensured the buzz didn't fall way, driving a level of engagement fully 10x higher than anticipated.