Think Global, Recycle Local – How we lead the Electrical Recycling Revolution with persuasion, planning and a pink cat

WEE - Material Focus

Agency: december19 and Truant

‘Humans, recycle your Electricals’ commanded Hypnocat, the bright pink cat with swirling, hypnotic eyes – and they did!

Tackling the challenge of electrical waste in the UK with a modest media budget was no small task, but with an outstanding creative in ‘Hypnocat’; an effective media strategy, tapping into behaviour change methodology and touch of creativity in our planning we were able to deliver an outstanding campaign that demonstrably influenced recycling behaviour.

Using a combination of high impacting above the line media, hyper targeted creative and localised messaging, we were able to reach our key audience in the right place at the right time with the right message to facilitate action and reduce the barriers that prevent electrical recycling.

With each cable drawer cleared, each old laptop refurbished, and every toaster recycled, we were able to see a marked change in the habits of our target audience in our selected beacon cities and, as a direct result of the campaign, we were able to make a proven positive impact, at a time when it’s more relevant than ever.

The Hypnocat campaign demonstrably drove recycling action and reduced electrical wastage in the UK. Something all humans can be proud of.