To Firsts That Last


Agency: Goodstuff

Finding further share growth as a category leader is hard at the best of times, but it’s even harder when pubs and summer events are closed, your core fruit cider market is declining, and your 18-24 audience is drinking less than ever before.

To answer these challenges, we built a campaign that celebrated the joy of first experiences. Combining the best of data-driven planning and buying, with the kind of human insight you only get from speaking to real people.

Dynamic OOH put the right product from a growing portfolio of flavoured cider and spirits into the right moment across the summer. Then, to capitalise on a “double whammy” year, we tapped up university alumni, using their memories of student “firsts” in cities across the country to fuel our freshers' campaign, reconnecting Kopparberg with a new generation, and beating market share targets against the odds.