Using CRM to build a critical legacy for the NHS

NHS England

Agency: Mediahub

The NHS is at the centre of the biggest threat to national safety since World War Two. Its survival depends on the next generation of staff. With a nation clapping on doorsteps for its healthcare heroes, you'd be forgiven for thinking that job inspiration would come naturally. But research unveiled that NHS careers were losing appeal amongst our core audiences; the fearless positioning of staff had created a 'superhero complex', off-putting to those struggling with self-belief they could do the job. This meant more self-doubt hurdles in the journey to application than ever before.

Our strategy became twofold. Drive confidence in 'we', proudly elevating the NHS out of crisis with loud and proud AV, social video & bespoke partnerships (Ladbible, UCAS), inspiring people to site. But ground this in deeper, personalised stories based on audience behavioural signals - with 973 potential CRM journeys designed to provide regular doses of reassurance - and so deliver confidence in 'me'.

At 60% through our campaign, we're on track to dramatically surpass all targets from consideration to applications, saving the NHS millions to reinvest in what matters - getting more staff on the frontline.